Friday, July 17, 2009

A Note To Our Listeners

How wonderful to be able to communicate with you again!

I've known Kurt Hanson, the driving force behind Chitown Smooth Jazz, for many years. I've always been impressed with his "out of the box" thinking and entrepreneurial spirit. When I heard he had filled the Smooth Jazz void sweeping the country, I couldn't wait to be a part of it.

What a listener's dream! I know you've always wanted to program your own music and now you can! Another big listener's dream come true, not having to endure loooong interruptions between songs. A quick one-liner and back to "the soundtrack of your life."

Kudos to Kurt Hanson and everyone involved with Chitown Smooth Jazz.

Welcome back Smooth Chicago, around the country, around the world!

Lots of Love,
Danae Alexander

2 Commets:

Demetri said...

Danae, Baby have you been missed!! So great to hear your voice again behind all this wonderful music. Welcome home to the Queen Diva of Smooth Jazz. Marisa and Dee

Ginny said...

Danae, I'm so happy you and Rick are around.. I was listening to your last broadcast with Ramsey, sitting in my car, just before heading into work and was really sad ( crying actually), but seeing Rick, Fri night at the Venue, and finding out about this site just made the evening all the more exciting. Stay well and welcome back friend.
Ginny Vega

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