Monday, July 27, 2009

The New Normal

In this state of ecomomic flux we're in (how's that for spin), one suggestion is to "reinvent" ourselves using the talents we already have.
I know a Smooth Jazz devotee who lost her job as a city landscape planner. Her job hunting attempts fell flat. Soooo she studied for and passed a test that certified her as a "green" landscaper and two weeks later, tahdah, a job !
I had worked in terrestrial radio for (mumble,mumble) years and am now, as you know, contributing to Chitown Smooth using my "talents" and redirecting them into a new, innovative medium. Can you say happy?
Hope these stories inspire you to do the same if need be. I mean you're already reinventing the way you listen to Smoth Jazz by logging on to Chitown Smooth and are realizing, if I may be so bold as to suggest, all the fabulous perks your getting ! So glad you're here !
Yours Smoothly,
Danae Alexander

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Anonymous said...

Hooray, I finally found you via the internet!! I was saddened to hear that they let you go from WNUA. Being away from Chicago for the past ten years, I would never imagine that the station would let you go. You and Rick O'Dell had (and still have) the smoothest voices for jazz I have ever heard on the radio. And I always made it a point to listen to "Lights Out Chicago". Danae, you always had a way of making my nights melow after a distressful day. Now living in Las Vegas, listening to jazz here is just not the same. Good Luck to both of you!!!!

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