Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Listener EMailbag

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(from Linda - Pastorelli Foods, west side)

"Can you now play a song that's longer than the [version] you played on WNUA? Is all this music from your personal collection? Sorry about being nosy, but I'm just curious."

Thanks for reminding me about that--and for noticing! With the heavier commercial load they carry, terrestrial radio doesn't have time to play the longer versions, which are generally the album cuts. On the contrary, here at ChiTownSmoothJazz, we're going to try and play the unedited, longer versions wherever possible.

As for my personal collection, yes, I've brought in quite a few of my own CDs from over the years to feature here. So much of the older material in Smooth Jazz and New Age is out of print and nearly impossible to find. When we get requests for it, I'll generally look in my collection at home and then bring it into the office to play on the air here.

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