Monday, July 20, 2009

The Listener Emailbag

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(from Lucinda in Beverly)

"I'm going out west soon on a summer vacation. Where can I find Smooth Jazz stations to listen to west of the Mississippi?"

At one time you could find a station practically everywhere you went on vacation. There were hundreds of them from coast to coast. Sadly, we now have fewer stations in the format than at any time since the late 1980s, when Smooth Jazz started. Here are the big ones that are left in some popular travel destinations (all are FM):

Cleveland - WNWV - 107.3
Detroit - WVMV - 98.7
Las Vegas - KOAS - 105.7
Los Angeles - KTWV - 94.7
Milwaukee - WJZX - 106.9
Phoenix - KYOT - 95.5
Sacramento - KSSJ - 94.7
San Diego - KIFM - 98.1
Seattle - KWJZ - 98.9
Tampa - WSJT - 94.1

Have a safe trip.

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