Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Earl of Smooth Jazz

During my final year of college a friend of mine gave me an album. She said she thought I would enjoy it, because it was the album she always reached for during her most stressful moments as a graduate student. She described the music as something that seemed to speak directly to her and help lift her spirits whenever she needed it the most. That album was One on One by Bob James and Earl Klugh. It was the first time I experienced the evocative strumming of Mr. Klugh on the acoustic guitar, and my friend Laura was right. The music had me under its spell from the first few notes.

Fast-forward to 2009, and I am happy to say the music of Earl Klugh has been in my life for almost thirty years now. And, as it did for Laura, it's been working its magic on me every time I hear it.

When I started the "Sunday Lite Brunch" on WCLR in 1987, one of the first artists I added to the playlist was Earl Klugh. Earl's captivating compositions "The Traveler" and "One Night (Alone With You)" were, I felt, a fitting introduction of his work to the mainstream Chicago audience that was hearing his music played regularly on the radio for the first time. They were, like most of Earl's pieces, inviting and hummable right from the start. Many, many hits followed in subsequent years on WNUA. And today, here at ChiTownSmoothJazz.com, we're pleased to be featuring yet another fresh, ear-catching composition from Earl: his latest, "Ocean Blue," from the CD The Spice of Life.

Earl has always possessed the gift of writing melodies that feel instantly comfortable and familiar, and that's helped make his music timeless. This week we are honored to be shining our featured artist spotlight on Earl Klugh. Enjoy all his wonderful music! And, if we seem to be missing a personal favorite of yours by Mr. Klugh, by all means, let us know what it is.

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