Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Listener EMailbag

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(from Lucius in Aurora)

"You guys need to be available in more places, like the car.  And how can I listen to you when I'm riding my bike?"

How to listen to Internet radio in your car:  currently, this requires either an iPhone or a BlackBerry Bold, Curve, or Storm. (Support for more phones is coming soon. And of course in a couple of years from now, this will be a lot easier.) Just download an app called "FlyCast," select "AccuRadio" from the webcaster guide, and select "Jazz" as your format. (AccuRadio is our sister website; you'll get very similar channels to ours, albeit not identical.)  As long as your smartphone is in your car: Voila! You've got Internet radio in your car! is also available through an iPhone or Blackberry Bold, Curve or Storm.

(from Steven in Crown Point, Ind.)

"How's the old WNUA gang doing?  Do you keep in touch with them?"

I talk to most of them on a regular basis.  Ramsey Lewis has had a typical summer (for him, that is):  performing, composing, practicing, being involved with programs at Ravinia.  His former morning show partner, Karen Williams, told me she was craving mid-90s temperatures and high humidity (something she wasn't getting around here), so she fled to Arkansas for awhile to visit relatives.  

Danae and I are working here.  When we're not, we've been in and out of town on lots of mini-trips.  Scott Adams is plotting his next escape to Rio, all the while busy with "The Sounds of Brazil!" and his own audio streams of Brazilian music.  Bill Cochran is gearing up mentally to see his twins off to college for their freshman year in the fall, and he's involved with Broadcast Architecture's Smooth Jazz Network.  And Domingo Castillo can be seen and heard, guitar in hand, performing with his band all summer.

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