Friday, January 8, 2010


Happy New Decade !

Imagine someone telling you, ten years ago, that you'd soon be listening to your favorite music on Internet Radio. That you'd be able to program that music yourself (pausing so you don't miss a note, clicking to skip a song you don't want to hear). That there'd only be a couple of commercials per hour. That all of that would be possible was just a dream ten years ago.

Now, it's a dream come true! ChiTown Smooth Jazz has brought all of that (and more) into your life.

The imaginative staff at ChiTown Smooth Jazz is dedicated to exploring future innovations. The possibilities are limitless. Making your musical dreams come true is our goal.

Everyone at ChiTown Smooth Jazz wishes you a Happy, Healthy, Smooth Jazzy New Year !

Yours Smoothly,
Danae Alexander

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