Friday, December 4, 2009


Ever since I can remember, my two sisters and I were given identical "nighties" to wear on Christmas Eve. I realize now how very wise my Mother was to give us something to look forward to on the eve of the BIG DAY. It was a wonderful distraction that helped to dissolve some of the angst we felt over that "naughty and nice list" thing.

Even though our parents are no longer with us, we have kept the tradition going. We each take a turn providing the "nighties" for Christmas. Over time the family has expanded ( marriages, children ) so the "nighties" have evolved into T/sweat shirts with a theme. We've let our creativity flow turning what was an adorable yearly photo-op of three little girls into a group of ten holiday revelers trying to stop laughing long enough to even take a photo!

It's my turn this year and I've just put the finishing touches on ten T-shirts. The theme is.....
oh, I forgot it's TOP SECRET....that's part of the fun. No one can see them until Christmas Eve.
I have to confess that, although I'm a "grown up", the level of excitement my Mother initiated years ago still exists.

I shared this with you to let you know that, in the midst of the current economy where everyone is cutting back, holding on to a simple, inexpensive tradition can turn frowns into smiles and warm family memories.

Wishing you the happiness that simple pleasures bring this holiday season and always.

Danae Alexander

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Richard and Debbie said...


What a wonderful tradition. As a Mother, I can only hope that I have instilled the simple time honored traditions with my sons, and now their families.

Wishing you and yours all the blessings of the holidays, along with good health, peace and prosperity in the New Year!

Richard and Debbie said...

Sorry Danae!

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