Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tell a Friend (Who's Out of Town)

Each day's email brings me at least a message or two from a former Chicagoan/former WNUA listener who just discovered this site.* I'm not surprised because Smooth Jazz fans have traditionally been a very mobile group, whether it's having to leave the Chicago area for a new job or any of a number of reasons.

Thankfully, with the advent of, out-of-towners can now get that little taste of Chicago radio they've been yearning for, especially if their favorite radio station while they were here was 95.5. In assembling the playlist for the main channel, we started with the best loved tracks from the past 23 years of programming on WNUA (such as Bob James' and David Sanborn's "Maputo" and Ramsey Lewis' "The In Crowd."). Then, we added the tracks WNUA seemed to have forgotten or simply didn't have room for anymore. And, as a final touch, Danae Alexander and I lent our voices to the station to give it the sound and feel of WNUA.

We're thrilled you've given a try. And, since internet radio offers the distinct advantage of broadcasting to anywhere and everywhere in the world with an internet connection, we hope you'll tell your former Chicagoan friends about us. They'll be among the growing number of Smooth Jazz enthusiasts from faraway who are reconnecting with Chicago through the music they loved on WNUA. Also, don't forget that if you're headed out of town on business or a summer vacation, you, too, can tune into us anytime with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Rick O'Dell

*Today, for example, I've heard from ex-Chicagoans in Salt Lake City, Cedar Rapids, Athens (Georgia) and Bergenfeld, New Jersey.

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