Thursday, October 1, 2009

Smooth Jazz Q&A

Lately I've heard some jazzy-sounding jingles playing in between songs on ChiTown. Were they done by Smooth Jazz musicians? (Lois - Brookfield, Ill.)

You could say that. They were composed and produced by a group called The Inline Six, a talented Chicago-based ensemble. Led by Jay Martini and Mitch Germaine, The Inline Six is as much at home creating jingles for ChiTown as they are playing impassioned renditions of smooth and "rough" jazz numbers, R&B, rock and blues.

They'll be in action next on Saturday, October 17, at Old Chicago/Elk Grove Village, 1000 Busse Road. And you can follow them on Facebook as "The Inline Six."

Is the Dave Koz and Friends Smooth Jazz Christmas concert all Christmas music? (Susan - Chicago, Ill.)

No. It's about 60% Christmas classics (along with Dave's spirited Hanukkah song) and 40% non-holiday tunes. The non-holiday material is made up of the Smooth Jazz hits by the individual performers in the band (Rick Braun, Peter White, David Benoit and Brenda Russell).

Dave and the band are able to move effortlessly from Christmas songs to non-Christmas songs and back in a show that's festive and fun from beginning to end.

Special pre-sale tickets are available through 10:00 pm tonight (Thursday, October 1) by clicking here. The official on-sale will be tomorrow morning (Friday, October 2) at 10:00am.

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