Thursday, August 6, 2009

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Peter White - “Bright”

CD: Good Day (Peak Records) (Release date: 9/8/09)

One of our favorite six-stringers is back with a CD of original compositions, drawing from what Peter describes as “my backlog of material—songs that I'd never finished, some going as far back as ten or fifteen years.” Peter adds, “I discovered that I had a lot of gems that I really wanted to show to the world.” The first single, “Bright,” is dedicated to the memory of Wayman Tisdale.

Here's "Rick's Pick to Click," the track I feel has the best chance to stick:

Jonathan Fritzen - “VIP”

CD: VIP (Nordic Night Records)

Multi-instrumentalist (but mainly pianist) Jonathan Fritzen hails from Stockholm. This is his second solo CD, and--here's my prediction--it's going to be his Smooth Jazz breakthrough track.

Freddie Washington - “In the Moment”

CD: In the Moment (RFW Records)

This is our introduction to the talented bassist currently on tour with Steely Dan. You can catch Freddie in action with the group at their Chicago Theatre shows August 31 through September 5.


Four80East - “Roll On”

CD: Roll On (Native Language Records)

The Toronto-based group made their debut in 1997 with “Eastside.”

Nils - “Up Close & Personal”

CD: Up Close And Personal (Baja/TSR Records)

It's another cool west coast groove by the guitarist whose past hits include "Pacific Coast Highway" and "Summer Nights."

You'll hear all of these fresh, new tracks just added to the playlist.

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